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 Music Memory Worksheets To Download for Study:

Composer Word Search

2016-2017 Music Memory Practice Sheet 2nd-4th Grade

2016-2017 Music Memory Practice Sheet 5th Grade


Tuesday, November 10th

“The First Thanksgiving


the 1st Grade Classes




Presented November 17th, 2016

by the

3rd and 4th Grade Classes


Wortham Elementary School


Santa’s Holiday Playlist”


Thursday, December 8th       


Wortham Auditorium

By the 2nd Grade Classes and

Members of the High School Choir

Featuring a Pre-Concert by the PreK Classes



The Wortham Elementary School



Fall Musical Series




“A Lot of History


Humor, and Home-Madeness”


Free & Open to Public

Doors to Auditorium Open ½ hour prior to Showtime!



In Full Production... 35 Wapanoag Tribe Headpieces and Pilgrim Overlays...Skeleton and Mummy Dances . . .Greek Chorus Masks....Blacklights, Spotlights, and Smoke Machines.... Pharaoh Tombs... Snowflake Patterns... Elf Hats, and Reindeer Garb....Props, Props, and Props.

All adding up to the making of Childhood Memories on the Stage. We've got a calendar full of them in the Wortham Elementary Music Program. Please mark yours.


2016-2017 Music Memory Coming Alive at Wortham!!!

Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5

Click Here to Watch Youtube examples of the List

Music Memory List on Youtube

2016-2017 UIL Music Memory List

We Will use these in Class until teams are announced in mid-October!  Happy practicing and use your binder for detailed study.

Mrs. Ferris

(2nd Grade Use Highlighted Selections)



…….Multiculture, Music, and Maps…….

Grades PreK – 4th Celebrate the Music of Other Countries,

Games, Traditions, and Dance

April & May

  • Orff Pentonic Music in the Asian Tradition
  • African Drumming and Folk Songs
  • Instrument Classifications Around the World
  • Tropical Dance of the Islands
  • Irish and English Storytelling
  • Rhythmic and Playground Game Songs



“Patriotism & The

Revolutionary Vision”

An Education through a look at the Original 13 Colonies

And the Birth of Freedom in America


Presented by

The 3rd and 4th Grade Music Classes

Of Wortham Elementary School


Thursday, March 24th, 2016


Wortham Auditorium

Program Selections


From “Let’s Sing, America!”

“Of Thee I Sing, America”

“The Thirteen Original Colonies”

“Yankee Doodle Boys and Girls”

“The Liberty Tree”

“The Star Spangled Banner”

“Let’s Sing, America”

“America Goes West” Medley

“We Remember”

“The Spirit of America”


Including Script and Narrative on the Founding Fathers and their Dreams for Freedom and the History of our Symbols.


 See UIL Music Memory List and Youtube Link for study below........

3rd and 4th Grade Teams Win District Music Memory Event at UIL!!

Congratulations to Trett Carroll, Isaac Tull, Ember Preston, and Yancy Bean, 3rd Grade & JW Kofnovec, Dylan Doege, Bradley Gragg, Wyatt Staton, Saniya Burks, Anthony Fortoul, and Breckyn Waggener, 4th Grade Team!!

Wortham ISD is proud to provide music isntruction to all grade levels that includes all areas of music discipline:  Music History, Theory & Composiiton, Voice and Vocal Performance, Instrumental Awareness and Performance, Music Listening Skills, Multicultural Studies, Stage and Musical Performance.

Elementary Classes PreK-4th are taught General Music using textbook material and additional curriculum resources throughout the year by Mrs. Linda Ferris

Elementary students will have music twice a week in 2015-2016 at set class periods in their grade level:  PreK:  8:30-9:20          4th Grade:     10:15-10:45    Kindergarten:     11:00-11:30    

          1st Grade:   12:00-12:30     2nd Grade:     12:30-1:00     3rd Grade:     1:00-1:30     

 5th and 6th Grade Students will have a band class with Mr. Nichelson.

 7-8th Grade Music Students can choose Choir or Band as their music elective.

 9-12 Students may enroll in Band and/or Choir for their High School terms.

3rd and 4th Grade UIL Music Memory!!  Click here for List and Youtube Playlist  to study.

        There will be a final pre-test to choose team and members and alternates on Friday morning, November 13th.  7:00-7:45am in the Music Room.  

Class Curriculum Updates:

  1. PreK and Kindergarten Music - Winnter Seasonal Holidays, Freedom Songs, Valentines Unit, Riser Etiquette, Simple Rhythm Play, Solfege Warmup
  2. 1st Grade;  Pitch Identification, Textbook Music Opposites and Elements of Music
  3. 2nd Grade:  Pitch Recognition and Writing, Playing Songs with Boomwhackers
  4. 3rd and 4th Grade:  Continued Music Memory and Music History Selections and Composers, Patriotic and America Folk Tunes Performance Preparation. Revolutionary War Figures, Vocabulary, and Music
  5. JH/HS Choir - Music Theory Scales Building and Circle of 5ths, Chords Inversions, TFMC Art and Musical Theater Solos and Ensembles, UIL Solo & Ensemble, TMEA Region Audition Materials, Christmas and HOliday Vocal Selections 4-part.                                                                                                                                                           Updates and Current Information will be posted here with any calendar changes, assignments, grading procedures, etc.  Of course, subscribe to the Elementary Music Classes Remind Site for personal and group reminders and announcements.

Fun and interesting games and archive scrapbook photos can be seen currently on:


Did you know that Wortham Elementary has a Spirit Song?  

Here are the words written by Linda Ferris in 2011.  Wortham Elementary Spirit Song

Here is the music to sing along to:    

Please Click Here for Music Supplies List for all of Mrs. Ferris' Classes:  Music Supplies List

Mrs. Ferris Contact Information:

             School Phone:     1-254-765-3080

             School Email:      linda.ferris@worthamisd.org

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