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Form 470

FOR ALL SERVICES REQUESTED ON THE FORM 470, SEE SPECIFICATIONS LISTED IN THE RFP located at For all of the items/services listed in this Form 470, the following applies: When submitting proposals, please consider services that are equivalent, more or less in quantity, better and/or more cost effective. Any request for installation/configuration and Technical support is dependent on the needs of the service requested. Any installation that is eligible for installment payments is requested to be paid out over 4 years. Line 1: Switches, Components, and Software & Licenses. Please include software and licenses for requested switches. See RFP for details. Line 2: Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (switches). See RFP for details. Line 3: Switches, Components, and Software & Licenses (SFP). Please include software and licenses for requested switches. See RFP for details

All interested service providers must review the associated RFP(s) located at Vendors must register for a login in this system and new accounts are set up within 24 hours. All vendors with a valid SPIN or temporary SPIN provided by USAC will be approved. All proposals must be submitted electronically in this RFP system. In addition, all questions must be asked as part of this RFP and will be answered and posted publicly as addenda. If proposals are submitted outside of this RFP system, they may be deemed non-responsive. All vendors need to review the RFP webpage often to view all changes and addenda that are posted. All proposals submitted must comply with the Texas Education Agency Financial Accountability Guidelines found in Module 5: Purchasing.