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Our interactive virtual classroom allows students to complete work at their own pace as well as practice and review when needed. Since students are building 21st Century skills, the learning is essential for higher education and the workplace. The website also includes keyboarding instruction and practice. Students complete daily typing practice while in class. If students are absent, they may complete keyboarding and lessons from home. Our district name is Wortham ISD and each students has a unique username and password for accessing the lessons. Once an assignment is complete, it provides instant feedback as to grade earned on the lesson. This information is provided to the student and to the teacher. If students complete an assignment and the grade earned is under a 70%, the system will automatically prompt them to try again. This not only allows the student to redo for a better grade, but also allows the student to gain a better understanding of the lesson concepts. 

Wortham HTML Class

Wortham HTML class for Technology Applications 6th Grade-8th Grade