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5th Grade Math

5th Grade

Math & Science Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the 5thgrade, and to the 2017-2018 school year. I have great expectations for every student, and believe this will be a very successful and exciting year for everyone.  Respect and teamwork is a huge part of our classroom environment.

In order for this year to be a true success for every student, I would like to briefly inform you of my classroom policies and procedures.  I feel that good communication from the start will only further your child’s rate of success in the classroom.  I welcome any input or suggestions you may have along the way. My contact information is attached.  I encourage you to provide me your email address, as I have found this to be a quick and efficient means of communication, as well as the best way to reach me, as I try to check it periodically throughout the day.  Also, Remind is another great tool that I will have in place.  A separate information sheet is attached, providing you instructions on the sign-up procedure.   This tool allows me to provide you with valuable information and you receive alerts.

Remind:  Text the message @gargis2017 to the number 81010.

Classroom Expectations:  My job is to not only help the students have a successful year academically and socially, but to also help prepare them for the middle school. We expect students to come to school and be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. Doing things in a positive way will make our adventure in fifth grade an exciting and fun experience for everyone.

School Supplies: Please be sure that your child has supplies throughout the entire year. Instruction is delayed when students do not have material needed. A note will be sent home informing you if our class is running low on supplies. Donated supplies are greatly appreciated.

Backpacks:  Backpacks will not be allowed into the classroom.  They may bring a binder, but are required to bring a pencil and their composition notebook to every class.  Students are assigned lockers; therefore all other supplies may be kept there. 

Student Progress:  Graded papers will be sent home periodically with your child throughout the week.  You may check your child’s grades on the parent portal 24/7. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!  Please contact Mrs. Batts  for sign-up instructions and passcodes)  You can get alerts for missing assignments or when your child’s grade falls below a certain grade.  Progress reports will be sent home every three weeks, they are required to be brought back signed.  If not brought back by the assigned date, detention will be assigned.


MATH:  Weekly homework will be given each Monday and due Thursday (unless school starts on Tuesday, then homework will be due Friday.)  Homework can be turned in Tuesday, to be graded and all missed questions can be corrected.  If weekly homework is not completed and turned in on Thursday, during class, the student will be expected to stay Friday for detention to complete the homework assignment.

SCIENCE:  Homework will be given and assigned during the school day.  Students will be responsible to get work turned in that was assigned.  A Remind will go out when work is assigned.

REMEMBER:  We are a project-based; therefore projects will be due periodically throughout the school year.  Notice will be given for these assignments. 

Corrections:  Math and/or Science corrections are due within five (5) days after the graded assignment is returned to the student.  Math corrections MUST follow ALL corrections procedures on the correction sheet.  (Corrections can be done on notebook paper, but all procedures MUST be followed).  Science corrections are to be done on notebook paper, answering questions in complete sentences.

Code of Conduct/Classroom Rules:

  • Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework complete.
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Listen when others are talking.
  • Share and take turns.
  • Participate in class activities.
  • Follow directions and all school rules.
  • Use kind words.

Classroom Management Consequences:

1 = Verbal warning w/ name written on board

2 = Sign discipline book (lunch detention)

3 = Sign discipline book (after school detention)

4 = Sign discipline book (Office referral)

Serious Offences – Office/Discipline Referral

*Repeated negative ratings will result in all of the above consequences and immediately lead to a scheduled parent conference.

Discipline Book:  Student will have a verbal warning before signing the discipline book.  Each signing of the book will result in 1 point deducted from their conduct grade and 5 points will be deducted for each office referral.  Consequences start over each week. 

Conduct Incentives:  Students whose conduct grade is a 96 or higher (no more than 4 book signings) within all subject areas will be considered a “Super Citizen”. These students will earn a 30 minute recess after the completion of the six weeks and their name will be included in the “Star Jar”.  Students will have six opportunities to earn “Super Citizen”, if they earn all of the six weeks within the school year they will be recognized during the final Elementary Awards.

Tardies:  Tardy bell rings at 7:50 am.  If your child is not in the classroom, with all of their supplies, the student will be considered tardy.  After three (3) tardies per six weeks, the student will serve after school detention.  Please refer to handbook for other consequences.

Detention:  Detention is earned by “inappropriate” behavior or tardies.  Detention will be held any day from 3:25 until 4:00 pm. When detention is assigned, transportation is NOT provided by Wortham ISD.  You must pick your child up by 4:00 pm.

Tutorials:  Tutorials will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you feel your child should need “extra” help, tutorials will be provided on these days from 3:25 till 4:00.  Transportation is NOT provided by Wortham ISD for tutorials.

Absences:  When your child is absent from school it is very important that he/she return with a written excuse on the day that he/she returns.  Please keep in mind that much of what we do in class cannot be made up because of whole group instruction, discussion, and activities. It is very important that your child is in school regularly so as not to miss these activities and lessons.  Make up work will be assigned, but because of the nature of some lessons it may not be directly retaught. It is the student’s responsibility to collect any handouts, assignments, or homework that need to be made up. Students will also be expected to record and complete any information and/or assignments that they missed, as stated in the handbook.  This also applies to early withdrawals

Final Word:  Parents and guardians, our door is always open for you. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress please call the office 254/765-3523 to set up a conference time. Emails and written notes are also welcome. Remember you are still your child’s most important teacher!  I believe that i can be the most effective teacher to your child with your help. I look forward to working with you and your child this school year. Together, we can make a big difference. Thank you for entrusting me with your child’s academic and social learning.


Shanna Gargis (Math & Science)

Conference Time: 1:00 – 2:00